Friday, 29 July 2011

To the man of my life .

Happy Birthday to my dear husband..!!
May you achieve all that is rightly yours and the coming years be filled with happiness, love, prosperity and success.

Today, I Love You more than the day we got married.
you are truly the love of my life,and thank you my love, u complete me...

On this special day of yours, I take this chance to say how proud of you I am, to have been a part of this special journey which turned you into a fine young man.

The coming years will add to the challenge and I relish the thought that I will be around to be your support and your anchor in times of good and bad..

Happy Birthday to you Papa..!!
We all love you much muchhhh..!!!

Thanks for dropping in, Have a nice day alls..!!

Jom join haku,kiter kayo sesamer.Jangan luper klik HB haku kat bawah neh tau.!!


  1. assalam akak..


    winduuu kat akak..
    lamenyer tk masuk kepoci2 kat blog akak...

    p/s : eppy besday tuk incek hubby akak...

  2. hepy beday buat hubby CNN...
    smoga pjg umo murah rzki dan hepi slalu dgn family...

  3. happy birthday to hubby akak.. semoga diberi kesihatan yang baik dan murah rezeki serta bahagia disamping keluarga.. :)

  4. happy besday dari kami juger... lawo la gambor family tuh. i lioke :)


TERIMA KASIH. Semoga Allah lindungi kalian <3